You have questions... we have answers!

How many guests must we have for the use of the facility?
We host groups of 75 guests or more.

How long do we have access to Liberty Lake Picnics?
Picnics last from 12 to 6 and food and amenities are open from 12 to 5.

What should we bring?
No need to bring your own chairs or sports equipment – it’s all here. Liberty Lake has seating in all areas of the park and sporting equipment is provided for Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Mini Golf, and Volleyball. Be sure to bring bathing suits, comfortable clothes, cameras, hearty appetites and great attitudes.

What kinds of boats do you have?
We have paddle boats and row boats. Swimming and boating are supervised by our Red Cross certified lifeguards.

What happens if it rains?
Fun-filled picnics continue as scheduled, in our covered spaces.

Do you have handicapped parking?
Yes, we have a number of easily accessible spaces for people with disabilities, and a motorized vehicle to transport the elderly.

Are there changing and diapering areas?
Yes, we have bathrooms centrally located at the pool and lake for changing clothes and diapers.

Are the picnic areas in the shade?
Yes, all picnic groves are shaded. Your guests will spend a cool and relaxing day at Liberty Lake!

Are pets allowed inside the club?
We ask you to leave all pets home, due to Health Department regulations.

Can we bring our own food and drink?
The Liberty Lake catering staff can take care of all of your group’s needs. Please speak with Kurtis for more specifics.

Are all events rain or shine?
Yes, all events here at Liberty Lake are rain or shine.

Are there hotels near Liberty Lake?
Yes. Click here for a list of nearby hotels.

What if I need additional food or entertainment options?
Please consult with Kurtis for additional food and entertainment options. Just try to stump him – he always has the next great idea.